Palliative care in the home enables choice and dignity

January 31, 2024
January 30, 2024

Lesley Kent sits on a colourful couch on her verandah.


It takes a special kind of person to work in palliative care, and fortunately BlueCare is blessed with these big-hearted individuals who guide you and your loved ones through your end-of-life care journey.

It’s something Lesley Kent knows first-hand.

“My best friend was in palliative care and I became her carer for quite a few months towards the end,” Lesley says.

“When BlueCare used to come, they were just wonderful. And it wasn’t an easy place to get to so we doubly appreciated them being there. They were just so beautiful and understanding.”

BlueCare is one of Queensland’s leading aged care providers and can provide palliative care in your home. Our skilled nurses and allied health professionals offer help, guidance and support, to allow you to make the right decisions for you and your family.

Assistance includes symptom management, support and comfort, guided by a person’s advance health directive or statement of choices.

Along with home nursing and equipment, pain and symptom management, personal hygiene and grooming, BlueCare helps to create a calm environment. We also provide guidance and support to family and friends.

BlueCare Beenleigh registered nurse Michelle Freeman says working with palliative care clients has been the most impactful part of her nursing career.

“Being a part of that journey with them and their families … you don’t realise the impact that you’re having on people,” she says.

“Recently I was on a call to visit a client whose family was really struggling in the palliative phase. When I left, one of the children pulled me aside, and said to me: ‘You’re an angel. You don’t realise what you’ve done, how you’ve come here and the help that you’ve given.’

“As I was driving home, I was feeling quite emotional about that because you do it all the time and you don’t realise the impact you are having. It’s very fulfilling.”

BlueCare Toowoomba clinical nurse Prajwal Basel finds palliative care in the home enables personal choice and dignity.

“It’s about care, respect and dignity – people can actually come home and have those remaining days with the family members. I think it’s quite important and I think I make a lot of difference with my nursing career.”

Lesley Kent finds BlueCare’s palliative care support inspiring. “They’ve got that understanding of what’s needed at the end of life. There’s so much support needed there, especially now that families are so separated – they’re not down the road, they haven’t got aunts and uncles and everyone around. So people do need people’s help from outside their families these days.”

BlueCare also offers bereavement support for families, friends and loved ones, including Grief and Loss programs.

Visit our Careers page to join our team of big-hearted individuals and help us make a meaningful difference, together.

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