BlueCare puts you at the heart of it all

Since 1953, BlueCare has strived to be pioneers of aged care across Queensland, carrying on our rich Blue Nursing legacy and driving forward what care means across the state. As we enter our 70th year, we are launching a new brand campaign celebrating the people, passion and places that make us uniquely BlueCare. And we are revitalising our brand identity, to be even more compassionate, heart-felt and contemporary.

In April 2023, you may have noticed some small changes to our brand, including an updated logo to reflect how our customers and our employees are at the heart of everything we do. You’ll also notice that our blue colour palette is more vibrant, distinctive and digital first, and you might see some more earthy tones appearing, drawn from the Queensland landscape to fit our iconic Queensland identity.

Meanwhile, our new blue thread device symbolises the relationships and interactions of our everyday lives. It is all-embracing, providing clear pathways and connections to help you live life your way.

Queensland’s in good hands with the BlueCare brand

BlueCare is here for more than 80 communities across Queensland, with locals supporting locals. Our brand updates are designed to be:

BlueCare Brand Refresh Live Life Your Way

Accessible and digital first

We’re making sure our brand is inclusive, with our new digital first palette designed to ensure maximum legibility and contrast according to global web accessibility standards, so everyone can easily find and access the support they need.

BlueCare Brand Refresh Logo Heart Felt Compassionate

Heart-felt and compassionate

Our new logo features a heart in the centre to reflect that our care puts you at the heart of it all, while our blue thread symbolises the compassionate connections we provide to help you live life your way.

BlueCare Brand Refresh Distinctive and Modern

Distinctive and modern

Our vibrant new blue is associated with modernity, with bright secondary colours inspired by the Queensland communities we serve, making our refreshed brand distinctively BlueCare, so you can immediately identify us across our communications.

Our brand refresh

Our brand evolution brings out the best of our rich heritage and sets us up for a bright future so we can continue to care for Queenslanders for generations to come. Learn more about our new visual identity.

Our brand campaign

It’s the passion of our big-hearted team in blue that sets us apart. That’s why we enlisted their help for our new brand campaign. Take a look at what happened behind the scenes on the day of filming.

BlueCare image of Olive Crombie
At the heart of Queensland for 70 years

In 1953, the first Blue Nurse travelled by tram to tend her patients in their own homes.  And BlueCare has been there for Queensland ever since.

Why BlueCare?


Trusted for generations, we’ve provided dedicated in-home care, aged care and retirement living since 1953.

Personalised care

We’ll work with you to design and deliver the support you need, building a relationship to make the everyday easier.


Our big-hearted team are in communities across Queensland, so you can access a broad range of services in more locations.


Proudly not for profit, our expertise and insight enable the highest quality of care to empower you to live life your way.
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