Caring for a loved one is a precious and cherished responsibility. It may, at times, also be demanding and overwhelming. However, it’s nice to know that an extra pair of experienced helping hands is ready and available if needed.

Respite care allows carers the chance to take some time out for themselves and provides new experiences for cherished loved ones. BlueCare’s respite care offers a wide range of care options to help you live life your way.

Respite care options

Respite care is as flexible as you need it to be. We can provide care in your own home, in a community environment, or in residential aged care. We’ve got all the possibilities covered.

Flexible individual respite care in your home

Sometimes carers may need a few hours here or there to tend to some of life’s tasks, or simply time to relax. With our flexible individual respite care, our experienced carers will provide personalised support when needed.

Centre-based respite care in our centres

Respite in the community goes beyond what you might expect of traditional respite care. Our experienced carers can partner with you to develop a personalised plan while you are with us, where you may seek new experiences or take up a new hobby.

Cottage respite care

Prefer a more home-like environment? Our cottage respite care is a personal, more intimate experience that’s designed to give you or your loved one the opportunity to experience more of what life has to offer. This could be in our centre or another community location, and is a place where old and new interests can be enjoyed in small groups.

Overnight respite care in your home

If carers have night-time commitments such as dinner with friends or a work trip away, our overnight respite care is the perfect solution. We’ll be there to give you and your loved one peace of mind.

Residential respite care

Coming to stay with us at one of our comfortable and well-appointed aged care residences is the ideal way to get the care needed for longer periods. When you or your loved one join us, you’ll enjoy a room, meals, 24-hour care and lifestyle and social preferences are catered for. Stays can range from seven days up to 63 days.

Respite care at short notice

When the unexpected happens, it’s good to know that respite at short notice is available. Several of our centres provide respite at short notice where you or your loved one will get assistance to get back on track.

Getting started with respite care

Getting started is easy. Call BlueCare and we will make the process as effortless as possible. Before you start your respite care, you can even visit your local community centre or residential aged care home to experience what’s on offer first-hand. Respite services vary in each region; call us to check options in your local area.

Residential Respite Care call 1800 838 929

Community Respite Care call 1300 258 322

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