Marjorie makes the most of life at BlueCare Wynnum

January 15, 2024
January 14, 2024

If somebody told BlueCare resident Marjorie she had to return to her original home, she’d say: “I’m not going.”

The 90-something character, who resides at BlueCare Wynnum Aged Care Facility, says she wouldn’t live anywhere else.

“I love it. They feed me. They put up with me. They do my washing. They put up with me. They take me out on the bus trip now and then. And they put up with me! So the most wonderful thing is I’ve got somebody to put up with me!”

Marjorie is full of appreciation for the little things. “Oh I have a lovely time there. They come in with my washing and put it onto the end of my bed. And it’s nicely folded and ironed – isn’t that nice? And if I want them to hang my dresses up, they do. We go on shopping trips to Kmart now and again – we do better than normal living. It’s a wonderful place.”

And she likes to have a joke with – and about – staff. “We’ve got a fellow called Brevek and he does the floors. Well, he’s wiping down this and wiping down that. I’m not going to leave anything on the floor for fear that Brevek gets me! I’m afraid of the cleaner – no, he’s just wonderful.”

BlueCare Wynnum also boasts leafy gardens with resident chickens, and an onsite cafe – Geranium Place. Bus trips regularly explore the Moreton Bay region and there is a large clinical leadership team offering 24-hour support.

Marjorie made the decision to move into an aged care home three years ago when her son and his wife wanted to go travelling.

“I was living by myself – but there was always somebody staying with me – and he said something about worrying about me at night,” Marjorie says. “And I said, ‘That’s it. I’m going to care. I’m old enough.’ I was 94, 95 or something. So I went in there and I wouldn’t live anywhere else.”

Asked to describe BlueCare in one word, Marjorie says simply: “Love ya. L-U-V-Y-A!”

If you would like to learn more about residential aged care with BlueCare, visit our aged care homes page.

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