Nursing and family go hand in hand at BlueCare

January 4, 2024
January 3, 2024

BlueCare’s Rakhi Singh cannot imagine doing anything other than nursing – and a career in aged care makes her feel part of a family.

An enrolled nurse at BlueCare’s Brassall Aged Care Facility, Rakhi originally studied nursing in India.

“When I moved to Australia, I couldn’t think of anything else apart from nursing – so I did my Diploma of Nursing here,” Rakhi says.

Leaving family behind in India hasn’t been easy, but working with the residents makes all the difference.

“Back in India, I’ve got my beautiful family, my grandparents and everyone, and I left them there,” she says.

“This is the only way I can feel like, yes, I’m still with my grandparents. Looking after them makes me feel good that you are looking after your family.”

It’s a feeling that goes both ways.

“Some of the residents, the family don’t come and meet them and they’re lonely but when you go and talk to them and being a bit chirpy, it makes them smile. They just start talking to you every day, telling you everything they have in their minds. So, you feel like, yes, you’ve done something today, made them happy.”

In fact, “family” is the one word Rakhi would use to describe BlueCare.

“You also get colleagues who are like your brothers and sisters. I feel like family, seriously, at my workplace – you’ve got a mentor there who can guide you through whatever help you need. You don’t feel like you are a stranger. I feel very comfortable here.”

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