A 33-year legacy of care and support

December 8, 2022
December 7, 2022

Veronica Ku-U has been bringing comfort and joy to BlueCare residents and staff with her contagious energy and smile for more than three decades.

The hospitality officer at BlueCare Alexandra Hills Nandeebie Aged Care Facility was recently recognised for her 32-year contribution at our 2022 Years of Service event.

Veronica’s BlueCare journey began on the June 4, 1990. She had travelled to Australia from Papua New Guinea with her partner at the time, but found herself on her own, far from loved ones, when her situation changed.

“I was worried and lonely, I had two kids who were attending school through the days, so I figured I’d better get a job,” Veronica says.

When asked what career she was looking for, Veronica said: “I’ll do anything – it’s too lonely at home.”

An offer to join the new BlueCare Alexandra Hills Nandeebie Aged Care Facility arrived and Veronica embraced it.

“The place had just opened,” she says. “Seeing the older people when I came in, it just sort of reminded you of home. I love working with people because back home I was doing social work.”

Veronica felt a sense of connection and comfort with BlueCare from her first day, and this connection would continue to grow over the next 32 years as more staff and residents experienced Veronica’s contagious energy and smile.

One of Veronica’s former supervisors says: “I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with Veronica, who was one of my most dedicated, punctual and reliable staff. She always does that little bit extra and that is so special.”

The feeling has been mutual for Veronica, who speaks fondly of the organisation she has stayed with for such a significant period of her life.

“I love working with BlueCare,” she says. “They’ve been really good to me and even now they are still very helpful. They have paid for my training and have supported me along the way.”

Veronica splits her time between two roles at BlueCare, rotating each week between her normal shifts as a hospitality officer and then in the kitchen as a cook.

“I love working with the residents, they are like a part of my family. I appreciate this work and I hope I have many, many more years ahead with this organisation.”

Veronica is one of the many incredible BlueCare employees whose passion, warmth and love of life build the communities that our clients and residents cherish. We hope she will continue to be a part of our family for many years to come, too.

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