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We’ve covered off all the questions we’re often asked, but if there’s something we’ve missed, please contact us on 1800 990 446.

Can anyone live in a retirement village?

To gain access to our retirement villages you must have reached 65 years of age. If you have questions about eligibility please call us to discuss.

Does the village have rental properties available?

Blue Care villages do have rental options, but we have a very successful partnership with Eureka, who offer high quality, rental retirement living options. Please call us to discuss on 1800 990 446.

Are pets allowed?

It’s up to our village manager to decide, but generally we allow cats and small dogs as long as they are house trained and controlled by the resident.

Are there really no taxes or stamp duties to be paid?

That is correct. There is no stamp duty or GST payable on homes purchased. In fact, the only additional cost for possessions above the price of the home is a one-time legal fee for a new build or preloved home, for preparation and registration of your title on the home in the Queensland Titles Office. This fee is fully refunded should you decide not to proceed with this option.

Are there any costs involved if I leave?

There is a deferred management fee or exit fee which you pay when you leave the village. This fee covers the cost of all facilities and services you’ve enjoyed during your stay. A more detailed breakdown of these fees is available on request.

Are there transport services available?

Most of our retirement living villages are ideally located within close proximity to public transport and shopping centres, hospital, medical, sporting and social venues. Please check with the individual village to understand transport options.

Do you have an onsite emergency response?

All of our villages have a 24-hour emergency alert system that is monitored on site. We have staff available 24/7 to respond to the initial emergency and escalate the response as required.

Is there caravan or boat storage?

Please discuss this requirement with your village manager. There may be options available depending on your village location.