Capital gain/loss

Retirement living is easy and affordable compared with owning and maintaining your existing home and at Blue Care, we have retirement living to suit most budgets and lifestyles. The retirement village cost model allows you to free up home equity to help fund your retirement, with maintenance and many day-to-day costs taken care of. Here we explain the costs of living in a retirement village, and how a retirement village home gives you the freedom to manage your retirement lifestyle.

Tenure type

When you choose a home in a Blue Care retirement village, you are buying what is known as a licence to occupy, and you can have peace of mind that your tenure is fully protected under the Retirement Villages Act.


At Blue Care, the price is known as the “ingoing contribution”, and it is listed for available accommodation at each of our retirement villages. There is no stamp duty or GST payable on homes purchased.

Joining the retirement village – entry fees and ongoing costs

Holding deposit: At Blue Care, a holding deposit of $1,000 is all that is required to reserve your home of choice. It is paid into a trust account and is fully refundable if you decide not to proceed. Your lease documents will be prepared once your settlement date is confirmed.

Legal fees: These fees are for the preparation and processing of the legal documents. Legal costs vary depending on the village and the contract type. Please contact your Sales Manager to get an accurate figure on your chosen village.

Ingoing contribution: The “price” or agreed amount payable for the right to reside at your chosen retirement village.

General service fee: Many day-to-day costs, for example council and water rates, building insurance, external and internal maintenance, management and administration and 24-hour emergency response are covered by your monthly general service fee, which is reviewed annually. Individual phone, internet, contents insurance and electricity costs are your responsibility. The monthly fee varies from village to village, depending on the location and style of accommodation. You can see the general service fee and exactly what is included in the Village Comparison Document for each of our retirement villages.

Leaving the retirement village – exit fees and resale costs

Exit fee: When you leave the village and are repaid your ingoing contribution, an exit fee is paid based on the number of years you live at the village. The exit fee is designed to be paid when you leave so you can take advantage of the lifestyle benefits including village facilities, without the added cost up front. The exit fee percentage accumulates each year, with a maximum capped at 32 per cent after nine years. For example, if you have lived at the village for less than one year, the exit fee is 6 per cent of your ingoing contribution; and if you have lived there for nine years or more, it is 32 per cent of your ingoing contribution.

Legal fees: Legal fees are payable upon vacating to cover costs associated with terminating the contract. These costs are deducted from the exit entitlement.

Reinstatement cost: When you decide to leave the village your home is reinstated for resale. The resident is responsible for the reinstatement costs. Reinstatement work means replacements or repairs that are reasonably necessary to return the unit to the same condition it was in when you moved in, apart from fair wear and tear, and renovations.

Renovation cost and capital gain/loss: Depending on the length of your stay, your home may need to be renovated to prepare it for sale, so that it can maintain a competitive market value with other units in the marketplace. The amount you contribute towards the renovation is calculated at the same percentage that you share in any capital gain when you sell, as outlined in your Resident Agreement. These costs are deducted from the exit entitlement.

Good to know: The general service fee is payable until the property is sold (or up to nine months) but is charged at a reduced rate after three months. Our experienced, professional team will manage the sale process to ensure the funds you are entitled to are paid to you in the shortest possible time.

Renting in a retirement village

Renting enables you to enjoy the benefits of living within a supportive retirement community even if you don’t have the capital to invest in a permanent agreement.

Some Blue Care villages have rental options, but we also have a partnership with Eureka Villages, which offers high-quality rental retirement living options.

Please call us to discuss on 1800 990 446.

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