Introducing our wellbeing check-in and support service

Doing what matters most and makes you feel happy can play a big part in living a fulfilled life.

Now, through our wellbeing check-in and support service, we can guide you in identifying those personal, social, emotional and spiritual activities that are important to you, and help you connect more closely with them. Through private, confidential conversations with our compassionate wellbeing consultants, we’ll work with you to make these activities a greater part of your life so you can reconnect with yourself and your community.

Reconnect with what matters to you

This is the first step in helping you regain the joy and happiness in your life, creating space to find more purpose as you pursue what matters to you. No doubt, you have your own unique interests and pursuits that bring you happiness, but typically the types of activities the wellbeing check-in service helps customers connect with include:


Study, music, dancing, arts and craft.


Meditation, inner peace, compassion and contentment.


Connecting with family, friends and the community.


Religion, faith, meaning and purpose.

Our aim is to make you feel relaxed, and comfortable as we ask the right questions to uncover the real, meaningful answers. Our wellbeing check-in and support service can be done over a cuppa in the comfort of your own home with a visit from one of our wellbeing consultants; over the phone; or via our easy-to-use, face-to-face video call. Please note, this service is available under Home Care Package funding only.

At BlueCare, we’re here to support you to remain independent, happy and well in your own home for as long as possible.

Talk to us today! Call 1300 258 322 or fill out the form below. To find out more about our BlueCare and our commitment to you, read our Customer Information Book.

Home Care Funding, Fees and Costs

Federal government funding is available for home care services or you can pay for services outright (fee for service). Here we show you the different funding options and the fees and costs involved.

Commonwealth Home Support Program

An entry-level government program for older people who need some help with basic tasks.

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Home Care Packages

Government funding for more comprehensive help at home, with more flexibility and choice of services.

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Fee for service

Self-funded option to purchase home care services direct from BlueCare.

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