Meet our people: Compassion in action with Home Care Package specialist Josh

BlueCare has a passionate team of 8,000 people working in 260 centres in 80 communities* across Queensland, and Home Care Package specialist Josh is the perfect example of their compassion and empathy. Josh works in our Customer Service Centre, helping callers navigate the aged care system and understand Home Care Package funding, as well as guiding them through the process to receive home care services. Here he shares a little about his job and why he loves it.

What is your current role?

I work in the Customer Service Centre, specialising in Home Care Packages. I help clients through the process of getting a Home Care Package and dealing with the government’s My Aged Care agency.

How long have you been with BlueCare?

Since April last year – it’s absolutely the best decision I ever made. The role is fulfilling and you feel like you’ve actually achieved something.

How / why did you get into this line of work?

I was a personal carer for my mother, and that’s what made me more involved with aged care. You have to be compassionate and have empathy with this job and I believe that has helped a lot.

Talking to the older generation and having a chat with them. They’ve got some amazing stories to tell, and they’re a lot nicer, they’re more patient, they’re just great people. If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be here.

How hard is it to understand the aged care system and communicate it to others?

We’re very well trained in it and we know all the ins and outs of it – to be able to help people through that process is rewarding.

What are the main questions you get asked?

Mostly about the pricing of Home Care Packages and what sort of services they can get.

What is your biggest tip for people seeking aged care help?

It helps to have a family member or someone who can support you, but really if they ever get stuck they can call us – don’t suffer through alone, get help!

Some people must be stressed when they call – how do you put their minds at ease?

I just reassure them that BlueCare’s here to help them through the process, and we can basically hold their hand and step them through, so they don’t have to stress about anything.

If someone else were thinking of this line of work, what skills or qualities would they need?

They need to be compassionate and understanding; and have empathy, patience and an understanding of how the Home Care Package process works.

What do you like to do away from work?

I like to read, and catch up with friends. I’ve just recently moved, so I’m organising my garden.

*2015/16 figures

Published: 07/01/2018

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