Cooking program stirs memories for residents

July 11, 2019
July 10, 2019

Every Tuesday residents at BlueCare Pilgrim aged care facility in Kallangur take a culinary trip down memory lane, thanks to a cooking program implemented by volunteers Craig and Julianne Ashton.

BlueCare General Manager Sue-Ellen Smith said the program is a great way for residents to reconnect with their past.

“Food and cooking can evoke strong memories for many of our residents, helping them recall their childhood or the joy of cooking for their families,” Ms Smith said.

“Residents contribute ideas towards what will be cooked each week based on their own preferences and memories.

“It’s a great way of honouring our residents’ pasts, while encouraging them to share stories that have been important in shaping their lives.”

72 year old Pilgrim resident Marilyn loves the weekly cooking program and brought particular expertise to a recent scone making session.

“I worked at the Albion Flour Mill during the early 1970s and was tasked with making 100 dozen scones per day,” Marilyn said.

“If the scones weren’t rising properly that meant there was an issue with the flour and I had to get in touch quick smart so they’d stop the line.

“When I first started at the mill I didn’t know a thing about making scones, but after three or four batches I was on my way. After that I regularly made scones for my family.”

Program creators Craig and Julianne Ashton have volunteered with BlueCare for more than four years and are pleased the cooking program has been well received.

“It’s great to see the residents reminiscing and enjoying themselves. We’ve all learnt new things, like how our resident Eric used to be the camp cook back in his shearing days,” Ms Ashton said.

“The staff and residents have become like family over the years and we’re delighted to be part of such a caring, nurturing team environment.”

Craig and Julianne were recently awarded Moderator’s Community Service Medals for their outstanding contribution to UnitingCare.

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