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What kind of help can I get if I have diabetes?

We offer one-on-one counselling to help clients and carers manage diabetes. We also run educational seminars to provide insight into the disease. Selecting the right diet and exercise program as well as pain management and medication is part of keeping diabetes under control. Dieticians and exercise physiologists can also be consulted.

What kind of care can I get if I’m a stroke survivor?

There are many allied health specialists to put you back on the road to recovery. For example, occupational therapists, exercise physiologists and physiotherapists can help you regain strength. Speech therapists can assist with speech. Blue Care can guide you.

Is care available for younger people who are stroke survivors?

Absolutely. Australian Government statistics show almost one in five stroke victims are under the age of 55.Men are more likely to have a stroke than women and at a younger age. We offer the same level of care to all stroke survivors no matter what their age.

What help is available and is this help just for older people

Our specialist nurses assist with continence advice and management. Incontinence is not just a problem experienced by older people; our specialist nurses help men, women and children of all ages.

Why is exercise for older people so important?

Exercise provides older people with an opportunity to achieve greater independence. It is critical for what we call “reablement” – that is, someone can recover from a health episode and be empowered to do things themselves.

When are you too old to exercise?

You’re never too old to do some exercise. Our allied health specialists such as exercise physiologists and physiotherapists can create a program just for you. Even gentle exercise is beneficial.

Depression in older people

Depression in older people is often overlooked. This is because older people tend to underplay their symptoms and perhaps don’t readily admit they’re sad. There are many causes of depression in older people. These include fear of being a burden, moving home, and death of a spouse. Even some medications can cause depression in older people. Symptoms such as memory loss or losing interest in things that were normally pleasurable can be confused with general signs of ageing. If in any doubt, always seek help. Blue Care’s compassionate team have vast experience in dealing with depression in older people. They will offer a listening ear and suggest the best plan of action to help regain a sense of joy and wellbeing.