Preparing for the heat

October 30, 2023
October 29, 2023

Queensland is experiencing increases in the frequency and duration of heatwaves. It’s vital to be prepared before the heat and understand how to stay cool and healthy.

There are some easy ways that you can prepare for heat and stay safe when it’s hot:

Preparing myself

  • Stay updated and watch weather updates. You can use the Bureau of Meteorology Heatwave Service.
  • Know who you will call for help.
  • Plan where you can go to stay cool – you can go to public spaces like libraries and shopping centres. Know who you can call for help getting there if you need transport.
  • Talk to your doctor about managing the heat, especially if you have a medical condition, take medication regularly or have fluid intake restrictions.
  • Have an emergency plan if blackouts occur.

Read more about preparing for heatwaves.

Preparing my home

  • Stock up on essentials like food, water, medicines, and toiletries so you can limit going outside in the heat.
  • Store cool packs in the fridge or freezer and make ice cubes.
  • Fill spray bottles with cool water to use on your face and body.
  • Store foods and medicines at safe temperatures.
  • Check that fridges, freezers, fans and air conditioners work well.
  • Create cool rooms and cross breezes in your house.
  • Protect windows from the sun with blinds or curtains.

Read more about creating a cool home.

Preparing my emergency heat safety kit

  • Emergency contact numbers.
  • First aid kit.
  • Bottled drinking water.
  • Supply of non-perishable food.
  • Sufficient medications supply.
  • Towels (for soaking and cooling).
  • Esky (in case of a power outage).
  • Battery operated fan.
  • Spare phone charger and portable power pack.
  • Copies of important documents.

More information about Heat Safety

If you need medical advice during the heat, call 13 HEALTH (13 432 584) or in the case of an emergency, always call triple zero (000).

Working together to take climate action

Queensland Government logo

BlueCare’s heat health resources were funded by the Queensland Government under the Sector Adaptation Plan co-investment program, to advance climate change resilience in the human health and wellbeing sector. This is another example of how the Queensland Government's Climate Action Plan is making a difference.

Griffith University logo

BlueCare extends thanks to Griffith University for their partnership and extensive work to improve heat health awareness and resilience in Queensland, particularly for older persons. Learn more about Griffith University’s Extreme Heat and Older Persons (EtHOS) Project.

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