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It is ordinary Australians that make an extra ordinary decision to leave money to charitable and not-for-profit organisations. The difference this decision makes is immeasurable and positively affects the communities supported by it.

Your gift can be as little, or as much as you would like. The gift of a bequest impacts the daily services Blue Care is are able to deliver and has a direct influence on the care we are provide every day.

Including Blue Care in your Will is straight forward and leaves behind a lasting legacy of kindness and generosity. Through bequests Blue Care is able to undergo capital works projects to improve our facilities as well as create new programs to work with clients experiencing memory loss and other illnesses.

Leave a special gift that helps others

Some of our wonderful clients, residents, volunteers and donors generously support the future of Blue Care by leaving a bequest in their Will, ensuring their compassion and concern for the community becomes their legacy.

Download our Guide for Preparing a Will.

Our commitment - Blue Care's Legacy Charter

Including Blue Care in your Will is a big decision to make. We want you to feel completely comfortable considering this decision. The following is our commitment to you:

  1. Blue Care realises that your family and loved ones come first
  2. Blue Care respects your privacy and recognises and appreciates your Will is completely personal to you
  3. We recognise it is your decision and you need to make it in your own time
  4. You can tell us you have left a gift if you want to but don’t need to tell us
  5. We encourage anyone making a bequest to seek independent legal advice
  6. We encourage speaking to family and friends to make the intention of a bequest known
  7. We will use your gift carefully and cost effectively
  8. We accept that at any time in the future, you have the absolute right to change your mind about a gift in your Will to Blue Care
  9. We will handle any gift your leave us in accordance with your wishes, and also with care, sensitivity and respect.

Common Bequests

There are various types of bequests; the most common forms include:

  • the remainder (residue) of your Estate
  • a specific sum of money
  • a gift of property, superannuation, shares etc.
  • the whole of your Estate

Correct wording to Remember Us

To continue to support Blue Care after your lifetime, your Will must use the following wording:

“I bequeath to the Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (Q.)… the rest and residual of my Estate OR
_% of my Estate OR
_% of the residue of my Estate OR
the sum of $_____
…for the general purposes of BLUE CARE (Centre/Facility) _____________ GPO Box 1269, Brisbane Qld 4001 and declare the signature of the Secretary for the time being, of the said Trust to be sufficient discharge for my trustees.”

Establish your own fund

You may prefer to leave money or assets in your Will by establishing your own named fund. The Queensland Community Foundation is a public charitable trust, established and managed by the Public Trustee of Queensland.

Blue Care has an established fund set up with the Queensland Community Foundation; you may establish your named Trust within the Blue Care Fund.

If you would like to discuss the idea of a bequest with us in more detail, please phone our Planned Giving Officer on 07 3253 4372 or 1800 001 953.