Following an annual review of our Fee for Service pricing, we will be changing our fees from 1 January 2021. These changes will be reflected in all invoices received in early February.

The changes will ensure our rates correctly reflect the cost of providing our services and allow us to continue to deliver high quality care and support whilst operating in a sustainable manner.

Please refer to the new rates and the full list of services in the new Fee for Service Pricing Schedule.

What is changing?

New service trip rate: We will be changing the way we charge for travel to better reflect the impact of staff travel time and vehicle costs. Staff travel costs will be removed from the hourly service rate and instead we will be introducing a new service trip rate, which will be charged when staff have to travel to you to deliver a service.

As the travel time and vehicle costs vary for each service depending on each customer’s location, we have adopted an average trip rate that will apply to all of our customers. Trip rates, like other service costs depend on the service type and the time of the service. Therefore different rates will be charged for nursing, allied health and care services and also for daytime, after hours, weekends and public holidays.

Increase to service rates: Rates for support services including but not limited to nursing, social support, respite in home and personal care will be increasing.

Please refer to the new rates and the full list of services in the new Fee for Service Pricing Schedule.

All quotes prepared for services to be delivered from 1 January will be at these rates. Existing quotes will be at the prices already quoted.

We’re here for you

We are committed to helping you remain independent and happy in your home for as long as possible. These changes will ensure we can continue providing you with the same professional care and support you’ve come to expect from us, and enable us to offer our services fairly and sustainably to all customers.

If you have any questions about these changes, please get in touch with us on 1300 870 516. We’re here to help.

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