Tugun-based Dave Sawtell lives the motto tattooed on his arm – ‘Never give up, never retreat’.

Dave was born with spina bifida and paraplegia and given only 48 hours to live when he was born.

Fifty-three years later, he boasts the 2014 long-drive golf world champion title, is a three-time national long-drive champion, and holds the Guinness World Record for one-handed seated golf shots.

He has also been involved in competitive weight lifting and kayaking for many years.

Dave, whose nickname is Wheels, has never found his wheelchair to be a barrier, believing that ‘Life is there to be lived’. A tattoo on his other arm reminds him of this daily.

He says he is passionate about inspiring other people to “achieve more than they think they can”, which he does through his work as a motivational speaker and life coach.

Life however, still throws up challenges for Dave, who more recently had an extended hospital stay to treat gangrene that threatened the loss of his legs.

He connected with BlueCare on discharge, and received nursing and cleaning services during his recovery.

BlueCare also explained the NDIS process, and helped Dave with the pre-planning required for an NDIS application. While Dave awaits his NDIS plan, he’s been busy setting his next personal challenges.

Dave plans to increase his motivational speaking, become a tenpin bowling champion, improve his health and well being and write his autobiography.

With Dave’s steely determination, there is no doubt he will continue to live life his way.

Published: 10/03/2019

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