Always my dad.

They’ve always been there for you and with the support of Blue Care, your relationship doesn’t have to change. As Queensland’s largest in-home, retirement living and aged care provider, we can deliver tailored support for your loved one. With expert advice and over 60 years experience, we’ll make things simpler, so you and your family can continue to live life your way.

Your guide to navigating Aged Care

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Take a look at our detailed guide to navigating the Australian aged care system. We’ll walk you through the services available, and the process for accessing the support you need.
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Organising my aged care. 5 simple steps to get started

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Meet Siggy & Tina

Father and daughter, Siggy and Tina, were kind enough to share some of their most treasured memories for our latest campaign. Listen to their story as they now begin planning for what lies ahead.