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Referring a patient - Hospital and GP referrals

Blue Care Support Services are available to people of all ages. 

GPs and hospitals can refer patients of all ages via Blue Care’s dedicated referrer hotline.

P: 1800 030 289

F: 1800 170 446


Patients can also self-refer by contacting Blue Care on 1300 258 322.

For patients 65 and over and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders aged 50 years and over needing support services, and who wish to access Government subsidised services, there are two options:

1. Refer your patient directly to Blue Care

Our experienced team supports the patient and their GP to identify the right support services for them and will assist through the My Aged Care assessment process if needed. 

P: 1800 030 289

F: 1800 170 446


You can also complete the Referrer Form with the patient’s details and return it to Blue Care. We will respond within 24 hours of receipt.

2. Refer your patient to My Aged Care

Your patient or their EPOA can discuss their individual care needs directly with the team at My Aged Care who may refer them to an assessment team. They may also be asked if they have a preferred provider, at which time they can request Blue Care. 

You can also contact the My Aged Care team on the behalf of your patient, with their consent. 

P: 1800 200 422

F: 1800 728 174


To see the full range of services offered by Blue Care, please visit our Products and Services catalogue.

We also have a fact sheet for Regional Assessment Service teams to see how to refer to Blue Care.


Blue Care’s Support Services can be provided to your patient immediately at competitive rates while they wait for the My Aged Care assessment process to be completed.

Referring a family member

If you would like to refer yourself or a family member to receive Blue Care Support Services, talk to the Blue Care Customer Service team on 1300 258 322.