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A service group of UnitingCare Qld, Blue Care’s service providers and procurement system is managed by the UnitingCare Queensland’s Group Procurement team.

What kind of services is Blue Care looking for?

There are key categories of service providers we are looking for to support Blue Care to deliver high standards of care:

  • Medical - consumables, prosthesis, pharmacy and care services
  • Hospitality and Property - Food, cleaning, laundry, stationery, uniforms and property operations
  • Information Communication Technologies and Capital - ICT, telecommunications, capital, utilities, travel and human resource management
  • Fleet Operations - Fleet management, vehicle purchases, leasing, fleet safety and compliance
  • Procurement Systems and Policy

What is the procurement process

All of our suppliers must be able to prove and demonstrate they:

  • Deliver value for money (in quality, price, delivery, innovation)
  • Maintain appropriate policies and procedures relating to:
    • Health and Safety
    • Quality Assurance (Quality Management Certified preferred)
    • Risk management
    • Environmental and social responsibility
  • Possess relevant technical capabilities
  • Possess relevant commercial capacity, including operational flexibility
  • Possess relevant experience, including that of the supplier’s personnel
  • Are financially stable
  • Possess the appropriate insurance provisions
  • Are registered with iPRO Live
  • Agree to supply goods and/or services in accordance with UnitingCare Queensland’s Terms and Conditions.

For more information about supplier related enquiries please contact the team on or call 3253 4000.