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Research is central to the delivery of Blue Care’s award-winning services and our commitment to continuous improvement. Research must support Blue Care's Mission and Values.

Any involvement in research results in both direct and indirect costs for Blue Care. Therefore, all research with Blue Care should promote evidence-based practice and be conducted with clearly defined benefits for Blue Care.

Blue Care’s research agenda is informed by the Blue Care Tailor Made Service Model. Our research priorities align to the model’s six Key Components – Connecting, Wellbeing, Restoring, Caring, Dying with Dignity and Extras.

The structure of the Blue Care Tailor Made Service Model is a person centred philosophy.

Our research priorities

Blue Care priorities for research include:

  • Evaluation of the immediate and long term impacts of Blue Care Tailor Made Service Model which includes quality indicators and outcomes.
  • Continuing evaluation of the cultural change process – FISH.
  • Ongoing monitoring of Tailor Made programs through implementation of key outcome measures for each of the programs within the components which are routinely entered into the client record as part of the service delivery process.
  • Evaluation of new and creative Blue Care practice and the translation more broadly across Blue Care of successful, efficient and effective innovations with dissemination locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Research of new programs, establishment of new evidence base, aligned with Blue Care Tailor Made.
  • Research directed at enhancing the role of enablers to support the delivery of Blue Care Tailor Made, examples including but not limited to:
    • Workforce
    • Technology
    • Partnership models and customer engagement
    • Building design
    • Business Systems

Conducting research with Blue Care

To find out more about conducting research with Blue Care, please refer to our Guidelines for a Research Submission prior to submitting an application form to Blue Care’s Research Approval Group. This group will ensure:

  • research is consistent with Blue Care's key research themes
  • strategic direction
  • research has clearly defined benefits for the organisation
  • research is achievable within Blue Care’s service delivery framework.

Blue Care’s research application and meeting dates

Blue Care research approval pathway

Blue Care Research Approval Pathway

Research Outcomes

All research conducted within Blue Care facilities has resource implications for the organisation and it is important that our participation in this research is shown to be mutually beneficial.

Research activities conducted within Blue Care should result in improved outcomes for clients, enhanced quality of care within Blue Care and at least one of the following additional outcomes:

  • more efficient working practices within Blue Care
  • benefits for Blue Care staff
  • benefits for health and ageing Australia-wide
  • meeting of knowledge needs within Blue Care
  • contribution to ongoing evaluation of effectiveness of services and practices.